weatner_boardWeather Board

  1. Materials:
    felt in different colors(for the base, sun, clouds, raindrops...)
    board(I use a small message board)

  2. How to:
    1. Cut the base(white or any color you like), a sun, clouds, raindrops, umbrella, etc. out of the felt.
    2. Let the child draw a smiley face on the sun.
    3. Pin the base onto the board.
    4. Here's what we do with the weather board: every morning, after breakfast, Mimi "dresses up" her weather board, the sun for sunny days, gray and/or white clouds for cloudy days, gray clouds and raindrops for rainy days.  She loves it.
    5. We plan to cut out some words like cloudy, sunny, and rainy and maybe foggy and windy(I haven't thought about how to make foggy and windy out of felt yet.  Can anyone help?) to go with the different weather conditions.