turtle&crab.jpg (13905 bytes)     Turtle & Crab(By Brooke Cheng)

  1. Materials:
    construction papers

  2. How to:
    For the turtle:
    1. Draw a big oval shape on the construction paper to be the shell.  Cut it down, and make a tiny cut at the 4 corners, and glue the corners together to make the shell able to arch a little bit.   
    2. Decorate the shell with different colors of paper or markers
    3. Draw the feet and head on the paper and cut them out(the head should be like a balloon shape and the feet pieces can be semi circles).    Also cut a small triangle to be the tail.   Glue them to the shell accordingly.   Draw the eyes.  Da-la,  that's it.

  3. To make the crab is similar.    Also first make the shell, and make sure the shell looks like small dome.   Cut two eyes and glue them to the shell at the wider side of the shell.    Make 6 legs and glue them to the shell.   Finally draw two big claws (you can exaggerate the size of the claws) and attach to the shell.