We went crabbing and oyster digging at Twanoh State Park by Hood Canel.  We got up at 5:00am and after meeting with other families at 6:20am, we headed for the park.

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Everyone was wearing a life jacket.   We were going for a boat ride to a floating deck.

After putting on a life jacket, Oliver could hardly move.

Mimi and Oliver sitting back to back.

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This was the boat that took us to the floating deck for crabbing.
Frank was the Captain.

Mimi touched the starfish that was caught mistakenly.  She was amazed how soft a starfish was.

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This was what we used to catch crabs.   The chicken bones attracted a lot of crabs, but we could only keep those that were male and measured 6 inches wide

Mimi was fishing and she kept asking, "Where is the fish?  Why does it take so long to catch a fish?"
It wasn't her lucky day!

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Look!  Crabs.
Be careful.  They do bite.

(left to right)
Mimi, Gloria, Rebecca, and Cindy

Like father, like son.

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