Our Trip to Oregon

Day Two 2/20/2000

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After a good night's sleep, we were ready for another day's adventure.   We took a walk along the Columbia River at Mayer State Park. oliver_river.jpg (17960 bytes) riverside.jpg (16891 bytes)

setmefree.jpg (23430 bytes)



At Rowena Outlook, the view of the Columbia River Gorge was gorgeous.




We then took state route 35 to Mt. Hood. Mimi was saying, "It's foggy.", all the way. You must have guessed what the weather was like. We, of course, didn't see any mountains.
We stopped at Government Camp, a ski area, for lunch. Their latte was baaaaad. Mimi, however, loved their french fries a lot. As for Oliver, he was making noises again. It was nap time.
We arrived at Portland, the Rose City, at 12:30pm. Daddy had a hard time finding his way across the river and guess what? Mommy's "navigation system" wasn't able to find the Japanese Garden for us, either. Finally, Daddy came to our rescue and took us to the garden safe and sound.

gate4.jpg (21284 bytes)Mimi loved the Japanese Garden very much, because there were countless bridges to walk through and rocks to step on.  Oliver was happy walking all by himself in the garden.  We loved the tranquility of the garden very much.  If only we had a garden like that!!
More photos at Japanese Garden


mimi_hotel.jpg (11171 bytes)We cruised through parts of Portland and decided to visit again in June for the Rose festival.  We took US route 26 and then onto highway 101 to Astoria, OR.

We checked in a hotel at the river front with a nice view of the Columbia River from our room.  The kids loved it.

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Mimi looked very tired after playing in the swimming pool and Oliver was ready for bed.