Our RV Trip to the Olympic National Park

We were glad to see fine weather this morning when we got up.  We took a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Is.  Everyone was excited because this was our very first RV trip.  We had lunch at the 3 Crabs Restaurant at Sequim.

RV This was the RV we rented, very cozy and spacious.

After lunch, we visited the Olympic Game Farm.  Kids loved it.  We saw a lot of animals, bears, tigers, zebras, and even a rhino.

bear zebra

We arrived at Crescent Beach RV Park at 5:00 pm.
Dinner menu: .

We left the RV park at 10:30am and had lunch at M's in Port Angeles.  Mimi and Oliver liked the dino toys very much.  We decided to go to the Dinosaur movie when we get home.  We then arrived at the Crescent Lake.  The last time we visited the lake was in 1996, when Mom was 7 month pregnant with Mimi.  Though the scenery didn't change a bit, it filled with children's laughter this time.

kids4.jpg (29098 bytes)Mimi and Oliver with friends at Crescent Lake. family_crescentlk.jpg (35445 bytes)

We went to the Sol Duck Hot Spring and relaxed in the pool.  Kids loved walking in the water and doing funny things, like "table" (see Mimi below).

mimi_table.jpg (20478 bytes) Mimi was doing a "table" and a strong one, too.
leaves.JPG (52406 bytes) We collected some leaves by Sol Duck River.  Mimi's leaf collection.

Dinner menu:

We arrived at Rialto Beach at 11:00 am.  Kids and moms were busy at collecting rocks.  We even found one that has an M on it and of course, it'll be Mimi's rock.

mimi&oliver.jpg (33732 bytes)The future archaeologists sliding.jpg (30266 bytes)Sliding away!
Can Oliver climb up on his own?
mom&son.jpg (37769 bytes) dad_rialto.jpg (23749 bytes)The strength of nature and mankind
rocks.jpg (26417 bytes)Our rock collections


After the rock hunting, we had on RV.  Yummy!!  Then we headed for La Push.  Mimi was only 9 months old when we were here last time.  We loved it then and we loved it even more now.  We wandered at the harbor and bought 6 live crabs.  Thanks to SungLu that we didn't buy 8 crabs as Uncle Soccer suggested because they were huge.  (But they were really good.)  That night, we camped under a sky full of stars.  Dad and Mom even spotted a shooting star when they were enjoying a moment without kids (What a luxury!).
Dinner menu:

mimi_baby.jpg (20448 bytes)
Mimi at 9 months old
mimi_lapush.jpg (29205 bytes)
Mimi at 3 yrs. 7 months old
oliver_lapush.jpg (25657 bytes) oliver_table.jpg (31913 bytes)Oliver was doing a "table".
logcollectors.jpg (36718 bytes) mimigloria_ship.jpg (28897 bytes) allaboard.jpg (39369 bytes) Kids gathered some logs to build a ship.

We left La Push and headed for the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center.  We hiked along a trail called The Hall of Mosses near the visitor center.  Mimi liked to look for spots under giant trees or near hollow trunks and said that was her home.

mimi_log.jpg (48186 bytes) mom&kids.jpg (48109 bytes) sleeping.jpg (39610 bytes)
Oliver is out!
3flowers.jpg (37946 bytes)

We arrived at Kalaloch at around 5:00 pm.  It was too windy at the beach, so kids played in the woods near our RV site.  After dinner, we watched the sunset.
sunset.jpg (15525 bytes)
Dinner menu:


We arrived at Lake Quinault at noon.  After lunch, Soccer inflated his boat.  We took turns having a boat ride.  There was a little bit of sunshine and a breeze.  Very comfortable!!

intheboat.jpg (38138 bytes) Kids playing in the boat before the ride oliver_stuck.jpg (34500 bytes) Oliver in a life jacket

After dining at Salmon House Restaurant by the lake, we hurried kids to bed and played the Pictionary game.  It rained hard outside but the temperature and the intensity in the RV heated up quickly,   as both teams struggled to reach the finish.  We created a lot of incredible drawings which induced the funniest answers.  We were all surprised that we could finish the game without laughing ourselves to death.  By the way, our laughter did awake kids a few times!

monalisa.jpg (4906 bytes) Mona Lisa by SungLu

Guess who got the answer right?  It's Peggy, of course.

We left the lake and headed home.  We were happy to be home, except for Mimi, who still wanted to ride the RV.  Guess she could not get enough of all the fun.  Well, we are definitely going to have another RV trip in the future.

mimi_help.jpg (23649 bytes) washing2.jpg (29437 bytes) Kids helping to clean the RV.

p.s. The background of this page was made out of one of Mimi's leaf prints.  We gathered the leaves from the national park and made the prints after we got home.