Cantaloupe Chicken

By Brooke Cheng


clam 1 large cantaloupe
clam Boneless skinless chicken breast
clam 4 or 5 Chinese dry mushrooms soaked

How to:

1. Cut out the top of cantaloupe.   Dig out the seeds and throw away.   Dig out the meat, roughly cut the meat into pieces.   Save the rind for serving the dish later.
2. Cut chicken breast into small pieces (about half inch).   Marinate with salt, sesame oil and corn starch. 
3. Cut the soaked mushroom into small pieces. 
4. Heat the wok with vegetable oil.   Stir fry the mushrooms and chicken.   When the chicken is about done, put in the cantaloupe.   Add salt for flavor.  Simmer a little bit until the cantaloupe meat softens.
5. Put the dish into the cantaloupe rind saved earlier.   This dish is a good summer dish.