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One day, Mimi came running to me and said, "Mom, I just built a fire.  Come see it."  I jumped out of my chair and followed her to her playroom, thinking, "Oh! no.  Was she playing with fire?  But she couldn't possibly get a lighter or match."  Then, she pointed to her tent and proudly showed me how she built a fire: she took Daddy's golf club (as a stick), put it in the tent, and rubbed 2 Lego pieces together and piled them on the golf club as if she were building a fire.

We went barbecuing with friends.  While we were still on the way to the park, I asked my friends, who were in another car, with a walkie-talkie what we should do as it started to rain.  Before they could answer me, Mimi, in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone, said, "Mom, use the wipers to wipe the rain off."

I took Oliver (15 months old) to an office building.  When he saw an elevator, he ran to it, pointed to the up and down buttons, and said, "Push, push" (in Chinese).  That was the first time I heard him say the word.

Z was the letter of the week in Mimi's class.  One morning, I asked Mimi how she would like her hair done.  She thought about it and said, "I want to have a zebra tail."

Mimi was learning about dinosaurs at school.  I bought some books about dinosaurs for her.  When I was trying to pronounce the names of dinosaurs and could not do it without a struggle, Mimi would ask me, "Mommy, is it very hard to pronounce those names?"

Daddy was doing yard work on a sunny afternoon.  Mimi was running around and playing with rocks.  After a while, Mimi suddenly took off her shoes, lay beside Daddy, and said, "Mmm, how comfortable!"  What a way to enjoy the sun!